Project for the Holidays

So Jenny asked how I made the swirl earrings that accompanied my previous posting.


If you have some free time over the holidays, here is the project. I have made it twice more, once with a combination of copper and White Bronze, and once with a combination of copper, bronze, and the new Quick-fire Steel XT.

But before I turn you loose with the project, here are a few announcements:

1. A workshop in Sierra Madre, California, was added to my schedule. The dates are June 2-3, 2012. Contact: at MASSC.

2. The “architectural” intensive at my studio is full. Next intensive is in March. Next year’s workshops will combine architectural designs with patterns of color, as shown in the photo below.

Architectural Rings

3. Because of a scheduling conflict, Holly Gage’s teaching engagement at my studio will only include the workshop “Jewelry that Rocks.” The dates are February 13-14.

Green-Red CD Necklace

Now for the project.

Swirls Copper WB


1. Make a disk for your extruder with a square hole, 3×3 mm. You can also use a circular hole of about the same size.

2. Make the stack and extrude it.


3. With your fingers taper the end of the cane (the one that came out of the extruder first). Coil the cane around itself. If you used a circular hole, flatten the coil now.

4. Repeat step 2. Coil the cane in the opposite direction. Do not get tempted to extrude one long cane for both earrings!

5. After drying, sand one or both sides of the coil until the pattern shows. If the earring becomes too thin, add a copper backing layer.

6. Sand the earrings into shape and size with a nail polisher.

7. Fire.

Have fun!

16 Responses to “Project for the Holidays”

  • Susan D. Wilson Says:

    Thanks Hadar for your never ending engagement and information. Love your projects and clays. Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years Eve!
    Susan D.

  • Jenny E Says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have just arrived home after travelling for a month and can’t WAIT to try this!
    I have 3 weeks off before I start my dream job – will be devoted to my children, husband and clay!
    Hope you get some time off too Hadar.

  • Georgie Galante Says:

    Thanks Hadar…looking forward to making your swirl earrings! Season Greetings…Georgie

  • Carol Faith Says:

    Seasons Greetings and may you be blessed with a successful 2012

  • Jackie Schubbe Says:

    So easy! Who would have thought based on the finished pieces. Thanks for always coming up with new ways to work with the metal clays. Jackie

  • Nancy Garber Says:

    Thank you so much for this project. Do you layer the stack inside the extruder the normal way ending with copper? or do you layer the stack side ways and then put a layer of copper towards the opening in the extruder?

  • Hadar Jacobson Says:

    Nancy, The stack is layered as shown in the photo, with the copper circle towards the opening of the extruder. The copper circles should also be the thickest ones.

  • Steve and Aundrea Says:

    Are we correct in assuming that the earrings were fired using Schedule C? Was there any issue with the copper needing a second firing? Also, what thickness do you suggest for the copper and white bronze circles.

    It is our pleasure and honor to learn from you.

    Happy Holidays to you and all your followers.

  • Hadar Jacobson Says:

    Steve, Yes, schedule C. I didn’t need to fire a second time. Both copper and WB were 6 cards.

  • Leona Smith Says:

    Thank you Hadar! What a nice gift.
    It has given me a flash of ideas I didn’t think of before – how I could use the extruded piece in different shapes and sand / peel and experiment. Love it!

    Happy holidays and here’s to a creative 2012!


    PS: see you in Vancouver

  • Cindy Pope Says:

    Dear Hadar,

    Thanks so much for the awesome Christmas Present. I hope you had a Happy Holiday! Your ongoing research, innovation and books are why I always recommend your clays. I love the clays too, but all the extras challange me to try new things and think artistically in new ways. Thanks again!

    Warmest Regards,



  • ann schneider Says:

    Happy happy Holidays Hadar and thank you so much for this wonderful gift.
    You continue to amaze me and probably will forever.
    Happy New Year to you all,

  • Lucie Cote Says:

    Hi Hadar
    First, I just want to wish you a very nice New year full of projects and satisfaction

    Second thanks to share all those informations with us…

    Third I may have a stupid question but concerning the firing ; I already tried steel container who makes such a mess of black dust that I do not like at all because I fire glass as well and want to avoid dust, I bought some special bricks to carve some mini-kiln who work well but cracked after few times. I had the idea of using a clay flower pot, those without glaze that are sold every where. Did you tried it before or did you heard about somebody who had tried? I wonder if it can stand such a high temperature or if it will do an other mess?

    Fourth, I am so HAPPY i should be in your session near Montreal in spring time


  • Hadar Jaobson Says:

    Hi Lucie, Flower pots break very quickly. I suggest trying to make a box for fiber blanket of using one of the available fiber boxes. See you in April!

  • Katharina Says:

    I was so excited to try this project, but I am having a bit of difficulty with the white bronze. The first time I fired, I had several small cracks in the white bronze parts. So I filled them, and because the white bronze seemed to have sunk lower than the copper, I filled that in to level, then refired. No more cracks, but the white bronze has sunk so low I am having a very hard time sandingthe piece level. Any suggestions on how to keep this from happening? Thanks so much for all your great projects!

  • Hadar Jaobson Says:

    Katharina, Copper does not shrink as much as the white bronze at this low temperature, so many times we just have to grind it down or re-fill and re-fire just like you did. I use a sanding drum 120 grit.

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