Old Pearl Grey Steel is Back

Upon request by several customers, Pearl Grey Steel (not XT), which was discontinued at the beginning of the year, is back on the shelves and available on my Online Store.

This type of steel is best used in a mixed metal piece because of its lower shrinkage rate. It is especially recommended for gradient surfaces.


Mokume-gane Bird

Ocean View


Over the past few days, I tried over and over to make this last piece using the other steel clays, but with no success. I would like to thank Susan Weirather for alerting me to this problem and for her patience and perseverance while trying to solve it.

Projects for this type of gradient surface can be found in my book Patterns of Color in Metal Clay.

Please note that Pearl Grey Steel (I am not referring to XT) is not as strong as Quick-fire Steel XT and Pearl Grey Steel XT when the Pearl Grey Steel is fired on its own.

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