Two Files Added to My Blog – Instruction Manual Updated

As promised, the presentation I gave at the PMC Conference, entitled “Introduction to Mixed Metal Clay,” is now available on my blog. To access it, click on “Intro to Mixed Metal Clay” in the right-hand pane of my blog, under “Presentations.”

The previous posting: “What Clay to Use?” is also available as a PDF file for easy access. To access it at any time, click on “Posting Reprint: What Clay to Use” in the right-hand pane, under “Other Information.”

By the way, the Instruction Manual for Hadar’s Clay has been updated with a few small changes and additions. The new version features the dateline “June 2012” on the title page, and the new or changed sections are highlighted in yellow. To save paper, you can simply print out the pages that contain yellow highlighted text – you don’t have to print the entire document if you don’t want to.

The Instruction Manual can be accessed by clicking the link above, or from the right-hand pane of this blog.

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