Second Free Project: Multicolor Lentil II

It’s Friday, 11 p.m. ET and I am stuck at Dayton, Ohio airport because of weather conditions. I’m on my way to Martinsville, Indiana, to teach a workshop at 10 a.m. tomorrow. Thank God for Internet access. What better way to pass the time than posting the second project in the series. Much better then playing with fire after a sleepless night. Which I may have to do anyway. By the time you read this I’ll probably be back home, but who knows, the storm doesn’t seem to be going away.

So this lentil is also made with copper, Bronze XT, and low-shrinkage steel XT. They seem to work pretty well together. You will also need a doming mold and a trillion-shaped cutter or template.

1. Roll a slightly textured layer of steel, 3 cards thick. Cut a circle the size of your choice, and dome it over the doming mold. Using the trillion-shaped cutter or template, cut a trillion shape in the middle.


2. Remove the trillion and return it to your storage. Dry the steel dome.

Remove the trillion

3. Roll a slightly textured copper layer, 3 cards thick, and cut a smaller circle.

Smaller circle

4. Dome the copper circle and cut in it a smaller trillion shape.

Smaller trillion

5. Remove the cut-out trillion and return it to your storage.

Remove cut-out trillion

6. Place the dry steel dome on the copper one. Make sure that all of the cut-out area in the copper shows through the cut-out area in the steel dome. If it doesn’t, repeat step 4 with a smaller trillion shape.

Cut-out shows through

7. Repeat step 1. Repeat it again with a bronze XT circle, slightly smaller.

Repeat step 1

8. Place the bronze circle on top of the steel one, with the textured side of both facing down.

Bronze on top of steel

9. Dome both circles on the same mold.

Dome both circles

10. Cut yet a smaller trillion in both circles. Dry.

Smaller trillion

Smaller trillion - dry

11. The back of the lentil is 2 sided: the outside is steel; the inside is bronze.

Back is 2-sided

12. Rub the two half-lentils on a piece of 150-grit sandpaper, using a figure-8 motion, until their edges are flat and they fit each other perfectly.

Rub on sandpaper

13. Join the two halves with water, and dry.

Join and dry

14. Make a bail with a “tail”, over a cocktail straw.

Bail with a tail

15. Attach the bail to the top of the lentil.

Attach bail to lentil

Bail attached, rear view

16. Cut away the excess from the “tail.”

Cut away excess

Bail minus tail

17. Fire the lentil positioned on its narrow side, using high-fire schedule.

Fire the lentil

18. Clean the pendant with radial discs mounted on a screw mandrel.

Finished pendant

2 a.m. now. Storm has gone somewhere else. Time to go. Wish me luck tomorrow.

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