Which is the Gold Ring? – Brilliant Bronze Follow-Up

Most of you referred to this photo only:

Two rings

The ring on the left is Brilliant Bronze. The other is my gold wedding ring.

Two rings together

In this second photo, the top ring is Brilliant Bronze. The other is my husband’s gold wedding ring.

Here are some more samples:


The stone is natural sapphire, fired in place.

Cracks ring

The texture is the “egg shell”. You can find the instructions for this texture in my book: The Handbook of Metal Clay: Textures and Forms, second edition, p. 77.

Holes ring

Both rings are photographed next to my wedding ring, which is 24K gold.


This one is my Miró piece. You can find the project in the book mentioned above, p. 53.

I photographed it again in daylight next to my ring, since I could not avoid the glare in my light tent. That’s why the background is blue.

Miro and ring

Copper bronze earrings

This is Brilliant Bronze in combination with copper. The contrast between copper and gold color is stunning.

However, there is no contrast more amazing than gold and black. Here is my pièce de résistance: two hollow forms, one steel, one Brilliant Bronze.


Brilliant Bronze will be released early next week with instructions. In general, it fires exactly like regular Quick-fire bronze, and can be combined with other metals in the same manner.

Because of the difference between kilns, I suggest that you make a test piece first and fire it at mid-fire schedule. If the piece gets blistered or textured, drop the temperature gradually by 5-10 F. This decrease in temperature will not affect the neither the sintering of copper, nor that of steel, if it is used in small amounts.

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