Accreditation Program for Hadar’s Clay™ Teachers

I have been asked by many teachers of metal clay to establish an accreditation program, in which I would personally select experienced metal clay teachers who work in Hadar’s Clay™, train them in my own teaching methods, and then accredit them to teach Hadar’s Clay™ techniques and projects in their own local communities. For a long time I rejected the idea, but after deliberate consideration I have decided to go ahead and do it. My goal is to establish a team of high-level, professional teachers, who know the ins and outs of base metal clay and who received their teacher training directly from me. They will not be authorized to accredit other teachers. Hopefully, they will form a non-competitive, supporting group.

In establishing this program, I have tried to address two major objectives:

  • Care should be taken in creating the network of accredited Hadar’s Clay™ teachers, to help ensure that they do not compete with one another within their own communities.
  • Teacher candidates should have proven proficiency in Hadar’s Clay™ and in metal clay teaching.

To help achieve these objectives, I have established the following ground rules for the program:

1. The Accredited Hadar’s Clay™ Teachers program will be by invitation only. I select candidates whom I have come to know in my classes and workshops, who demonstrate proficiency in Hadar’s Clay™ and in connecting productively with other students. In selecting candidates I will do my best to avoid creating unfair concentration of Accredited Hadar’s Clay™ Teachers within the same community.

2. Accredited Hadar’s Clay™ Teachers must be trained and accredited by me personally. Accredited Hadar’s Clay™ Teachers can teach their own Hadar’s Clay™ students (at the level of proficiency to which the teacher has been accredited), but cannot grant Hadar’s Clay™ Accreditation to other teachers.

Starting in January 2014, accreditation classes will begin at my studio, and the first groups of Accredited Hadar’s Clay™ Teachers will be established – one group for teachers outside the U.S., the others for teachers inside the U.S. At the outset, these specific groups will be accredited to teach Hadar’s Clay™ at beginner level. As the program continues, teachers accredited to teach beginners will have the option of continuing to higher accreditation levels if they so desire.

Once trained and accredited, Accredited Hadar’s Clay™ Teachers will be listed on the Hadar’s Clay™ Accredited Teachers Registry on my website, along with their contact information and links to their websites. Accredited teachers will receive my ongoing support.

What does the training consist of?

One part of the program is a 5-day workshop. However, the activity of each group starts several months before the class and does not stop after it’s over. This is an ongoing training, supported by an online group that will be established for each level. Newly accredited teachers will join the existing groups. Prior to the class, the group is given general information and assignments. All of them are required to be familiar with my books, blog, and instruction manual and to have taken classes with me in the past. Thus, participants arrive in class fully experienced and prepared. After the accreditation training, the group continues to communicate collaboratively online with follow-ups, updates, feedback, reports, and trouble-shooting. Apart from the tuition for the Accredited Hadar’s Clay™ Teachers training workshop itself, the program involves no additional cost. Participation in the online group is free of charge, as is all of the support and feedback that I will provide.

How do people get into the Accredited Hadar’s Clay™ Teachers program?

The program is by invitation only. I have contacted and will contact people who meet the criteria explained above – people I get to know over the years through classes and workshops, and whom I know to be practicing artists and teachers. The expectation is that people who enter the accreditation program are highly dedicated to this, and are willing to learn, practice, learn more, and practice more.

This process will require some patience, as all accreditation workshops will be given by me personally, and I can only teach one group at a time. More classes will be scheduled in the future, although the precise scheduling has not yet been determined.

Please do not contact me for registration, but feel free to email me if you have any questions.

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