Updates to the Instruction Manual

The Instruction Manual for Hadar’s Clay has been updated. The date marked on the title page is March 22, 2013.

There is only one main change, but it affects different parts of the Instruction Manual, especially the quick-reference firing schedules.

Since the different options for performing phase 1 (pre-firing) seemed to be confusing, there are now only two options:

1. Pre-firing on stove top with pieces resting on carbon but not covered by it;
2. Pre-firing in the kiln with pieces resting on carbon but not covered by it.

No more pre-firing for two hours in the kiln inside carbon. This method does not seem to have any advantages over the options mentioned above. Its disadvantages are:

1. It requires a long firing process;
2. Even with 2 hours inside carbon there is no telling whether the binder did or did not burn off completely.

Reminder: White Bronze and Low-shrinkage Steel XT do not require pre-firing.

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