Meet Smart Bronze

Thank you for all your supportive comments on my last blog posting. I’d like to address some of your questions here.

Smart Bronze is a new clay in the Hadar’s Clay family. It is a copper alloy which, after firing, has the color of 24K gold. The shrinkage is 23.5% for flat pieces and 2.5 sizes for rings. Since it is base metal, it needs to be fired in carbon, but DOES NOT REQUIRE PRE-FIRING! It can be fired in one phase just like White Bronze and Low-shrinkage Steel XT. The firing temperature is lower than mid-fire schedule. Small batches can be fired for one hour only. It will be released next week with specific instructions. The Instruction Manual will be updated after testing some compatibility options with other metals.

Smart Bronze is a great option for beginners and teachers of metal clay, as well as experienced artists.

Here are some photos.

Hollow bean

This hollow bean was polished to mirror shine. I took some photos to show the reflection:

Reflection 1

Reflection 2





Cracked Strip

Pear Shaped

Moonlit Tree



Jewel Anemone


Cracked Pendant

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