Accreditation Program for Hadar’s Clay™ Teachers – Group of Summer 2014

Applications are now being accepted via email for the second group of Hadar’s Clay™ accredited teachers, which is about to begin its activity in August 2013.

The goal of this program is to establish a team of high-level, professional teachers, who know the ins and outs of base metal clay and who received their training directly from me. They will not be authorized to accredit other teachers. Hopefully, they will form a non-competitive, supporting group that will stay active after the program is over.

Once trained and accredited, Accredited Hadar’s Clay™ Teachers will be listed on the Hadar’s Clay Accredited Teachers’ Registry on my website, along with their contact information and links to their websites. Accredited teachers will receive my ongoing support.

One part of the program is a 5-day hands-on workshop. However, the activity of each group starts online several months before the class, in the form of questions and assignments.

Each round of accreditation will have its own dedicated Facebook group. The first round of accreditation started in March 2013 and will end in January 2014. The second round will start in August 2013 and end in summer 2014.

How do people get into the Accredited Hadar’s Clay Teachers program?

Please contact me via email if you wish to join the second round of accreditation. The requirements are:

1. Having taken a workshop or with me. Workshop or classes taken during the training period (except for the final 5-day workshop) also count. Please follow my travel-teaching schedule.

2. Familiarity with my books, the Instruction Manual for Hadar’s Clay, and related files published on my blog.

3. Experience with Hadar’s Clay.

4. Experience with the firing and finishing process.

5. Willingness to dedicate the time and effort required to complete the program.

Please email me your information with photos of your work with Hadar’s Clay. If your application is approved, you will receive an invitation to join a Facebook Group.

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