Another Free Project: a Watchband/Bracelet (and Earrings)

Before getting to the project, I’d like to show a stunning necklace, made by Komala Rohde, who will soon be an accredited teacher for Hadar’s Clay. Komala used a technique based on my latest blog posting, with her own twist and style.

Necklace by Komala Rohde

Mokume-gane watchband

The watchband from my last blog posting consisted of bulls eye cane slices. The links in this watchband have a mokume-gane pattern. How did that happen? This is an “enhanced” version of the “multiple canes” technique described extensively in my book Patterns of Color in Metal Clay, pp. 39-49.

The twist is that instead of the die with a circle hole, I used the tube adapter disc as a die.

1. Make a stack of alternating circles, slightly smaller than 2″ in diameter: 3 copper circles, 6 cards thick; 3 bronze (Quick-fire or Brilliant Bronze) circles, 3 cards thick; and 3 steel (any type), 1 card thick.

The stack

2. Unlike in the previous watchband, load the stack in the ClayMill Extruder with the copper circle on top (close to the die). Insert the tube adapter die in the cap.

The die

3. Extrude the stack. There should be no leftovers in the extruder.


4. Bundle the multiple canes.

Multiple canes

5. Roll the canes with your palms into a single cane.

Consolidated canes

6. Twist the new consolidated cane.

Twisting cane

7. Re-roll the twisted cane into an even cylinder shape.

Re-rolling cane

8. Wrap the cane with a 2-card layer of copper clay.

Wrapping cane

9. Place the cane on a warming plate and roll it back and forth until it is half dry. Then place it in a miter box (if you have one). Cut off a slice of each end of the cane.

Slice ends

10. Stick an eyelet at the top of each slice cut from the end of the cane to make a pair of earrings. Dry the earrings.


11. Cut the rest of the cane into slices, leaving enough room for side holes.

Cane slices

12. stick a needle through the side of each slice to mark the place of the side holes.

Side holes

13. Dry the slices. some of them may have small cracks in them.


14. Fill the cracks and dry again. Sand both sides of the slices smmoth.

Fill cracks and sand

15. Enlarge the side holes with a drill bit or a round file.

16. Fire the slices and the earrings at mid-fire schedule.

17. Finish the pieces following the instructions in the document entitled “Finishing Fired Metal Clay” on this blog.


Will the ClayMill Extruder allow us to move beyond jewelry?



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