Instruction Manual Update and Workshop

First, I will be teaching a 3-day workshop in Tuscon, AZ, during the gem show. The dates are February 14-16. Please contact Lyle Rayfield at: The topic of the workshop is “Patterns of Colors in Hollow Forms.”

Here are a few samples:




Half the Rock

Second, the Instruction Manual for Hadar’s Clay has been updated and is marked October 25, 2013.

For your convenience, the changes are highlighted in yellow.

Here are the main changes:

1. The firing schedule and programing instructions for firing two phases in one uninterrupted session have been added. This schedule lasts around 6 hours and includes the cooling time. It is best for overnight continuous firing and for firing at 2-5 day workshops.

2. The firing temperature for the first phase of firing has been lowered to 1000°F/538°C.

3. Pearl Grey Steel XT is now recommended for color patterns (mokume-gane) fired at mid-fire schedule. Low Shrinkage Steel XT is recommended for structural purposes, fired at high-fire schedule.

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