New Molds Added to the Collection

Thirty eight new molds have been uploaded to my online store. All of them are marked “New”.

Some of them are really out there, I admit. But they have been very inspiring for me over the years. There’s a series with odd titles like Lost, Found, Torn, Hammered, Cracked, Wrinkled, Ruined, Jumbled – all very descriptive of their nature.






Another group is the beginning of an architectural series, like Screens, Bricks, Gravel, and Rocks.





And others:

Textured Paper Strips


Please see the rest of them here.

7 Responses to “New Molds Added to the Collection”

  • Margaret Says:

    They are all so great. Thank you Hadar

  • Ro Germaine Says:

    I’ll be moving up north in a few months and can hardly wait to come to workshops and evening open studio and use all of these great new items.
    You’re the best!!!!

  • Steve Says:


    The new molds new are spectacular! So distinctive. So creative. So Hadar!
    Steve & Aundrea

  • Cindy Pope Says:

    Love the new group especially the wires and screens and papers.


  • Christy Miller Says:

    What a great new collection!

  • Barbara Says:

    Hello Hadar,
    These are beautiful molds – uniquely Hadar! I am having trouble right now and this is new with traditional Flex Bronze — I am molding beads with molds I have made – and as the clay dries, it is actually deforming and pushing itself out of the mold. At first, I removed the wet bead – it deformed. So I left it in the mold to dry – it deformed. Admittedly, this may have been an old tube, but it was full and had never been mixed. The colour was very dark as well. What Am I doing wrong that I can do differently? Frustrating.

  • Hadar Jacobson Says:

    Barbara, It may be because the flex series shrink a lot when they dry. They deform because the mold doesn’t let them shrink naturally. Try it with Quick-fire Rose Bronze.

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