Friendly Copper – A Welcome Development and a Change of Plans

Over the holiday I was delighted to see some unexpected progress in the development of a new product, which occurred earlier than expected. Now we have not only Champagne Bronze, but also Friendly Copper. This new copper clay fires in one step only (no second phase required), at the same firing schedule as Champagne Bronze and Low-shrinkage Steel XT. All three clays, on their own and in combination with each other, fire in carbon for two hours at 1750°F (brick kiln)/1830°F (muffle kiln).

The color and shrinkage of the fired copper is the same as Quick-fire copper.



The sampler will consist of 50 grams each of Champagne Bronze, Friendly Copper, and Low-shrinkage Steel XT and will be called “One-fire Sampler.”

We will be releasing Champagne Bronze, Friendly Copper, and the One-fire Sampler in the first week of January.

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