Hadar’s Clay™ Champagne Bronze and Friendly Copper are Now Available

Champagne Bronze and Friendly Copper are new, easy-to-fire clays, suitable for both beginners and experienced users of metal clay. They fire in one phase only, with no pre-firing or test-firing, and no issues of under-firing or over-firing. They are now available for sale on our online store.

When fired on its own, Champagne Bronze has a champagne color. Friendly Copper has the same color as Quick-fire copper.




A separate, 4-page Instruction Manual for Champagne Bronze
and Friendly Copper
is now available for download. It can also be accessed from the right-hand pane of this blog.

The documents Cheat Sheet for Hadar’s Clay, Map of Hadar’s Clay, and Shrinkage Chart have been updated.

For mixed-metal enthusiasts, Champagne Bronze and Friendly Copper make it easy to create mixed metal pieces consisting of two or three metals. They combine with each other and with Low-shrinkage Steel XT to create a fascinating color combination. The color contrast shows immediately when the surface is buffed with a coarse buffing wheel. There is no need to enhance the colors with patina.

Pendant 1

Pendant 2

Pendant 3

Pendant 4

Champagne Bronze and Low-shrinkage Steel XT

The firing schedule for each of the three clays and all of them combined in one piece is the same: 2 hours at 1750°F/955°C (brick kiln) or 1830°F/999°C (muffle kiln). Those of you who own the SpeedFire ElectricMini 1800 Kiln can safely fire for 2 hours on #10 on the SpeedFire® Temperature Control (#9 for Champagne Bronze on its own).

To get started, here are two beginners’ projects for pieces combining the three clays.

Project 1 - Overlay

Project 2 - Changing Places

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