Who is the Mystery Guest?

The following questions have been presented to people at my studio live, not in the form of photos. These are unedited photos of some pieces, taken on a photographic gray card, under the same lighting conditions. Some of the pieces are silver and some are not. For each group of pieces several photos were taken. In each photo the pieces are arranged differently, to rule out the lighting factor. I hope you play along. Those of you who already know the answer, please don’t give it away.

1. One piece in each of these photos is not silver or White Bronze. Which one is it?

Picture 1

Picture 2

2. In this group, two hollow forms are made of silver and two are neither silver nor White Bronze. Which ones are silver and which are not?

Picture 3

Picture 4

Picture 5

Picture 6

3. In this group of hollow forms, two pieces are made with silver, one is made of White Bronze, and one is neither silver nor White Bronze. Which ones are silver, which one is White Bronze, and which one is not?

Picture 7

Picture 8

4. In this group, one of the pieces is silver, one is White Bronze, and one is neither. Which one is which?

Picture 9

Picture 10

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