Coming Soon! White Satin

The mystery guest is Hadar’s Clay™ White Satin. This is a new clay which makes a white metal that is the color of silver. Unlike White Bronze, it is high-fire, easy to sinter, and very strong after firing. This is one of a few clays that we are developing with the purpose of simplifying the firing process and expanding the color palette.


The Instruction Manual for White Satin can be accessed from the right panel of this blog.

White Satin is fired in one phase only for 2 hours. On its own, it can be fired at a wide range of temperatures – between 1680°F and 1720°F (915°C and 937°C) for brick kilns. When fired combined with other metals in one piece it can be fired in a brick kiln at 1750°F (954°C).

In muffle kilns it is fired 50°F (28°C) higher.

In the MiniElectric 1800 kiln it fires on setting #8 on its own and at #9 combined with other metals.

White Satin is compatible with other high-fire clays such as the One-Fire Sampler: Champagne Bronze, Friendly Copper, and Low-shrinkage Steel XT.




White Satin is also compatible with gemstones.





When? We are hoping to make it available by February 20. We will send a separate announcement.

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