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Friendly Bronze and the One-fire Mokume-gane Sampler will be released on March 14. The instruction manual for these products has been uploaded to the blog and can also be accessed from the right-hand pane.

Two of my books are running out of print again: The Handbook of Metal Clay (2nd edition) and Mixed Metal Jewelry from Metal Clay. This has posed a dilemma for me. Do I revise them or just re-print? If I just re-print, they will be outdated. On the other hand, if I revise them, by the time they are published I will probably have to revise them again. The field of metal clays goes through rapid developments, for some of which I have to take some responsibility. Things change faster than the time it takes to revise a book.

So here is what I have decided to do: I am going to re-print the books as they are. At the same time, this blog now has a new section, accessible from the top of the page, called “Book Updates.” Once in a while I will post updates to projects that exist in the printed books. These updates will not necessarily be written or posted in the order in which they were published. The updates will be posted from time to time in the form of short PDF files that you can print out and insert in your books, right next to the specific project(s) they update.

This will help to ensure that your books are up to date with recent metal clay developments, even if you have a version of the book that was published a few years ago. It also saves me the time it normally takes to revise and publish a new printed edition. And, it makes it unnecessary for you to purchase a revised edition of a book you already have. Everybody wins.

If you have questions about certain projects in the current books or if you have photos of pieces inspired by projects, please send them to me. I may be able to answer questions and include (good quality) photos in the updates.

The three first updates, pertaining to The Handbook of Metal Clay (second edition), have now been posted in the “Book Updates” section

With every update, blog subscribers will receive a note. The updates are part of our product support and are free of charge.

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