Mokume-Gane “Twist and Shape”

This is a variation on the “Twist and Slice” project from my last blog posting. The materials are the same: Friendly Bronze, Friendly Copper, and Pearl Grey Steel XT.

After layering and twisting the stack, turn the stack on its side. Pick a shape cutter and place the stack inside it. Press the stack hard into the cutter, with your finger or with a blunt tool. Turn the cutter over and press again from the other side.

Press, turn, press

Release the stack from the cutter and half-dry it by flipping it over and over on top of a heating pan.


Slice it in half sideways, as in the project “Twist and Slice”.


Instead of pressing the stack into a shape cutter, you can free-form it with your hand or with the help of slats or sticks.


Stick an eyelet or embeddable at the top of each earring. To see other ways of creating the holes for the ear wires see my book Metal Clay Practice, p. 39.

Fire the earrings in carbon for two hours at 1510°F/821°C (brick kiln); 1560°F/848°C (muffle kiln).



Next up: How to do this with silver and copper and how to do it with silver and steel:

Copper and silver

Silver and steel

And of course, something to help you Twist and Shape:

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