Call for Submissions and Workshop

My next book is underway – Architectural Jewelry in Metal Clay, hopefully to be published by the end of the year. Although some of the projects may be for “conversation pieces,” the range of techniques employed to create them goes far and wide. They include what I call “perspective made easy” – creating the illusion of depth without measuring lengths and angles, translating 3D scenes to 2D images, low relief, reverse construction (“underlay”), complex hollow forms, constructing armatures, and more. The topics are indoor and outdoor scenes; landmark buildings such as castles, missions, craftsman houses and lighthouses; skylines; cityscapes; bridges; and natural elements such as cracks, slates, and crates.

If you have taken this workshop with me before, you are welcome to send me photos of your work, high quality, 300 dpi, 5″ x 5″. Please include a title and credit as you wish to see them published. Please send the photos to my email address:

If you haven’t taken this class before, you are welcome to join a 5-day workshop at my studio in Berkeley, CA, on July 11-15. If you want to take this workshop but are not sure you are ready for it, please contact me via email.

Here are some photos representing the type of projects featured in the book and workshop.


Castle Quilt





Double House

City Night

NY Ring

3 Rings

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