Description of My Distance Learning/Online Teaching Programs

In addition to local weekly classes and 5­-day intensives at my studio in Berkeley, California, I run a few distance ­learning programs. All these programs are based on a monthly fee.

1. Ongoing individual program: This program takes place online via email and Skype and is adjusted to your own level. It is meant primarily for people who have no access to classes in their area, and as a pre­-accreditation program for people who wish to be accredited teachers for Hadar’s Clay but do not yet meet the requirements for the program. Your progress depends on the amount of time you can devote to learning in a given month. I will be available to you throughout the month for questions, consultations, and new projects. At the end of a paid month you can stop the program or take a break and sign up for another month later.

2. Accreditation program: If you wish to become a Hadar’s Clay accredited teacher, this program takes about a year in the form of assignments and feedback. A new program starts twice a year in a group setting (we are currently set up as a private Facebook Group), or at any given time on an individual basis (via email). This latter option allows you to take the program in your own time and proceed at your own pace. Please contact me by email to check for availability. To qualify for this program you need to be experienced in Hadar’s Clay and familiar with my books and instruction manuals. If you do not meet the requirements, you can still sign up for the individual program to prepare you for the accreditation class.

3. Ongoing online advanced program: This program is meant for advanced users and teachers. It takes place online (currently set up as a private Facebook group) in the form of assignments and discussions.The program officially started in June, 2014. If you meet the requirements, you can join the program at any later point in time. However, you will not have access to previously posted assignments and discussions. If you do want access to this information, you have the option of signing up to the individual program as a preparation for the advanced class. This allows you to progress faster than the group and to eventually join it if you wish to.

You can sign up to classes on my Classes page. Please do not sign up to any of the online programs without contacting me first via email.

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