One-Fire Friendly Brilliant Bronze is Now Available

Friendly Brilliant Bronze represents an improvement in the formula of Quick-fire Brilliant Bronze. It fires in one phase only. It has exactly the same gold color as Quick-fire Brilliant Bronze and fires 2 hours at 1500°F/815°C in a brick kiln, 1550°F/843°C in a muffle kiln. It is available on our online store. (Quick-fire Brilliant Bronze will continue to be available.)

Friendly Brilliant Bronze completes the line of Hadar’s Clay one-fire clays – meaning that all of our clays are now available in a one-fire version. (All of the older, two-fire versions, will continue to be available on our store.) For your convenience, here is an updated table showing which Hadar’s Clay products fire in one phase and which fire in two phases.

The Instruction Manual for Friendly Brilliant Bronze can now be downloaded from the right-hand pane of this blog, as well as directly from the online store. Likewise for the document entitled “Map of Hadar’s New One-fire Clays“.

Friendly Brilliant Bronze is extremely resistant to tarnishing – even more so than silver.

Infinity Heart

Infinity Hollow

Infinity Circle

Horn earrings

Curvy Leaf


2 Hollow Forms


Hollow 3

Hollow 4



Hollow 1

Hollow 2


Carved Stone


Bridge on hand

10 Responses to “One-Fire Friendly Brilliant Bronze is Now Available”

  • Marlynda Taylor Says:

    Great to have another one fire clay. These are stunning pieces, Hadar. I love that you are continually “re-eventing” your style.

  • Nancy Says:

    I have been waiting for this not only because I love the one firing process but also I used the last of my brilliant bronze.
    I have one question Hadar… your illustration pieces are lovely but seem to all be in a matt finish. Is this new clay supportive of a high polished finish?
    My regular brilliant bronze was and I loved the look.

  • Hadar Jacobson Says:

    Nancy, You can polish it to high shine. Matt finish is just my style.

  • Kristan Says:

    I did not know it was so tarnish resistant! I would imagine that you would still want to seal it to prevent green skin?

  • Hadar Jacobson Says:

    Kristan, It’s not totally resistant, just more than other clays. And sensitive people should seal it with nail polish to avoid contact with the skin.

  • Christy Miller Says:

    Just ordered can’t wait to try it out.

  • Kim K. Says:

    Hi, Hadar.

    I love the gold color of this clay and have used it once, but had trouble with the firing. I am about to fire another kiln full and wanted to get some advice from you. The first time I fired (muffle kiln), I ramped at 1400 to 1550 and held for 2 hours. The pieces still needed more time…not sintered fully…still a bit powdery in places. I fired them again at 1550 (same ramp) for another hour and that worked. Do you think that I can fire safely at 1560? Or higher to remedy this issue for me? Thank you so much for your help!

  • Kim K. Says:

    Update on my previous post/question. I tried firing at 1560 for 2 hours (ramp at 1400/hr) with the same result…not fully cooked, still powdery in places. I put the pieces in for another hour at 1560 and they came out a tiny bit over done…some bubbling on the surface, but still fine. I am now wondering if I should try 1570 for 2 hours on the next batch. What do you think? Thank you, Hadar for your help on this. I really do appreciate you and your time. 🙂

  • Hadar Jacobson Says:

    Kim, bubbling means that the temperature is too high. Try my earlier suggestion and let me know.

  • Kim K. Says:

    Hi, Hadar. Sorry, what was your earlier suggestion for firing Friendly Brilliant Bronze? My issue is that firing at 1550 for 2 hours (and even 1560 for 2 hours) ramped at 1400 is still leaving me with under fired pieces…still powdery when test polishing. Thank you for your help on this and Happy New Year!

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