One-Fire Friendly Brilliant Bronze is Now Available

Friendly Brilliant Bronze represents an improvement in the formula of Quick-fire Brilliant Bronze. It fires in one phase only. It has exactly the same gold color as Quick-fire Brilliant Bronze and fires 2 hours at 1500°F/815°C in a brick kiln, 1550°F/843°C in a muffle kiln. It is available on our online store. (Quick-fire Brilliant Bronze will continue to be available.)

Friendly Brilliant Bronze completes the line of Hadar’s Clay one-fire clays – meaning that all of our clays are now available in a one-fire version. (All of the older, two-fire versions, will continue to be available on our store.) For your convenience, here is an updated table showing which Hadar’s Clay products fire in one phase and which fire in two phases.

The Instruction Manual for Friendly Brilliant Bronze can now be downloaded from the right-hand pane of this blog, as well as directly from the online store. Likewise for the document entitled “Map of Hadar’s New One-fire Clays“.

Friendly Brilliant Bronze is extremely resistant to tarnishing – even more so than silver.

Infinity Heart

Infinity Hollow

Infinity Circle

Horn earrings

Curvy Leaf


2 Hollow Forms


Hollow 3

Hollow 4



Hollow 1

Hollow 2


Carved Stone


Bridge on hand

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