One-fire Flex Pearl Grey Steel is Now Available!

One-fire Flex Pearl Grey Steel is now available on our online store. This completes the release process of the One-fire Flex Clays, which include One-fire Flex Copper, Brilliant Bronze, Dark Champagne Bronze, Rose Bronze, White Bronze, Low-shrinkage Steel XT, White Satin, and Pearl Grey Steel.

Please download the Instruction Manual for One-fire Clays by clicking on the link in this sentence, or directly from the right-hand panel of my blog. The instructions for One-fire Flex clays are on pp. 7-8.

One-fire Flex Pearl Grey Steel works best in combination with other metals (One-fire Bronze or Brilliant Bronze and one-fire Copper) for color effects (caning, mokume-gane, and gradients). The photos below show One-fire Flex Pearl Grey Steel as part of a gradient surface, fired at mid-fire schedule.

The following photos show One-fire Flex Pearl Grey Steel fired in a stripe pattern with One-fire Copper and Brilliant Bronze at mid-fire schedule.

Information about creating patterns of color such as canning, mokume-gane, stripes and gradients can be found in my books Patterns of Color in Metal Clay and Metal Clay Practice.

One-fire Flex Pearl Grey Steel can also be fired on its own at 1750°F but will be too hard to bend and drill. To fire steel on its own it is recommended to use Low-shrinkage Steel XT.

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