Home-Made Extruder and Discs

When I updated my old website and launched the new one, some of the old files disappeared. One of them was a set of instructions for making your own clay extruder at low cost. These instructions are now available here. (You can always find the link to these instructions on my blog by searching for this posting in the archive. To access the archive, click on Archive in the top bar of this blog.)

For people who are new to metal clay, the instructions on making your own extruder also provide a general background on how to use extruders, and especially on how to use them with tube adapters.

Here is an addition to the instructions:

I have all the discs that come with commercial extruders, but sometimes I need a different shape or size. Nothing is easier than making your own disc out of metal clay. When only silver clay was available, I wouldn’t even have considered it, due to the cost. But with base metal clay, making your own extruder discs is cheap and efficient.

It’s best to use low-shrinkage clay (Quick-Fire).

1. Roll a layer of clay 6 cards thick. Cut circles using a circle cutter that has the same diameter as the extruder.

2. Using a smaller cutter, cut any shape in the circles. After drying, you can change or refine the cutouts with a file.

Next I am going to try making my own tube adapter.

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