In the Spirit of Thanksgiving

I’ve just seen a copy of the December issue of Jewelry Artist Magazine (Lapidary Journal). I would like to thank the magazine and Sharon Elaine Thompson for counting my work with metal clay powder among the 10 Most Influential Developments in the past decade “that have had or are soon likely to have the greatest impact on jewelry making today.” I feel surprised, happy, and grateful.

I would also like to thank you all for sticking with me throughout this journey, determined to make it work. I have learned a lot from your questions and from the problems you have encountered, and because of them I feel better equipped to continue my support.

Sharon Elaine Thompson mentions in the article that I borrowed a polymer clay technique to create a gradation of color. I talked to Elaine on the day I left to teach in The Netherlands; since then, and since my blog posting about the Skinner Blend, I have found another way of making a gradient surface, using the clay extruder. This technique will be presented in my next book, and I am happy to preview it here as a free project. I hope you make many beautiful things with this technique and send me photos for my new book.

Leaves with coper, bronze, White Bronze, and Pearl Grey Steel

Leaves with coper, bronze, White Bronze, and
Pearl Grey Steel

These leaves are made from copper, bronze, White Bronze and steel, each one representing a different type of gradation. A project for constructing these leaves can be found in the April 2010 issue of Jewelry Artist Magazine.

Gradation from Pearl Grey Steel, to bronze, and to copper

Gradation from Pearl Grey Steel, to bronze, and to copper

Gradation of copper to bronze

Gradation of copper to bronze

11 Responses to “In the Spirit of Thanksgiving”

  • Donna Lewis Says:

    Hadar, of course you are one of the 10 greatest innovators. Never a doubt in my mind… Congratulations on the acknowledgment, a long time coming if you ask me. These leaves are beautiful. I love that look.
    Cant wait to study with you again in Tucson next February.

  • Tamara Cculp Says:

    Hadar when I read the article I said, “About time!” Congratulations on the well deserved recognition.

  • Bonnie Says:

    Congratulations Hadar, I was very excited to read the article in JAM. I continue to enjoy working with all your wonderful clays. Looking forward to taking one of your Intensive Workshops at your studio when it becomes available in mid to late summer.

  • Lois Inman Engle Says:

    Everyone in the metal clay world should be grateful to you! Thanks for sharing all your work and innovations.

  • ann schneider Says:

    How wonderful!! …. and I am not surprised. All you do amazes me.

  • Amy Atkinson Says:

    Congratulations, Hadar!! I’ve always felt we were indebted to you for the hours and hours of experimentation and inspiration that you have put into everything you’ve done with metal clay. And it was not hard to stick with you through all of this — after all, you did all the work ;-)!

  • Sarah Triton Says:

    Hadar, I absolutely agree with Ms. Thompson’s statement, and will go her one better. Your R&D methods are only exceeded by your unparalleled generosity! I look forward to being able to study with you one day. Thank you so much for all you do!

  • anita leclercq Says:

    Hadar, I love these pieces. I look forward to the new book. I am really excited about the upcoming class. I am fortunate to live close enough to come to your studio. Congratulations on the article and recognition in JAM. You deserve it. Thanks!

  • Donna Lewis Says:

    For those of you who travel to the Tucson Gem Show in February, Hadar is offering a workshop on Wed and Thu Feb 2 and 3 just south of Tucson at Amado Ranch in the exPRESSive Arts Studio. The place is awesome, a cute place to stay and I have a room already, would love to share expenses with a roomie. Hadar is so generous with her information. Definitely a must do.
    Here is the link! I think there are still a couple spots available. Heck, make your trip a triple joy!!! Hope to see you there.

  • Dinah Bourdon Says:

    Congratulations on your recogntion, very well deserved! Your “gift” to us is one of many brilliant inovations you have developed for the metal clay world I thank you for allowing me to share your vast knowledge.

  • Christine Damm Says:

    Hadar, you deserve every recognition! If it weren’t for you, I would have given up on metal clay already. Your generousity in sharing the information you discover and collect is a real gift to the art community.

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