Holiday Project – Golden Spoon (and Fork)

The holidays are upon us and we are prepared to put on some weight. This project for dysfunctional fork and spoon may inspire you to eat a little less. The project is linked at the very bottom of this posting.

But first I’d like to refer you to a blog posting that I wrote exactly one year ago. I wrote that posting after Sharon Elaine Thompson, in the December issue of Jewelry Artist Magazine (Lapidary Journal) counted my work with metal clay powder among the 10 Most Influential Developments in the past decade “that have had or are soon likely to have the greatest impact on jewelry making today.” I feel just as thankful as I felt then, and would like to repeat what I said at the time, word for word:

“I would also like to thank you all for sticking with me throughout this journey, determined to make it work. I have learned a lot from your questions and from the problems you have encountered, and because of them I feel better equipped to continue my support.”

As for this project: it is a simplified version of a project that was published a few years ago in Lapidary Journal. During the holidays, if you have some time for yourself, or if you need some time for yourself, this non-complicated project may keep you busy and maybe put a smile on your face. Here is is, and here is my daughter Naomi, who made me crop out her beautiful face, wearing them (note the shadow that they cast).

Naomi 1

Naomi 2

Here is the project. Enjoy!

9 Responses to “Holiday Project – Golden Spoon (and Fork)”

  • ann schneider Says:

    Dear Hadar,
    You are so great in every way. Thank you! Perhaps this will get me started again.

  • Tamara Says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, Hadar. You are an inspiration to all of us!

  • Kelly Says:

    Happy holidays to you Hadar! Thanks for the spoon &fork project and
    for constantley inspiring me :).

  • Janice Still Says:

    Hi Hadar,
    Congratulations on your successes with your new metal clays. I love getting your blog and staying up to date on what you are doing. Hopefully it will inspire me enough to get back to class! I miss you, it and the camaraderie in your studio.
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving,

  • Marlynda Says:

    Simple, cute and charming. Thanks for sharing this project and for this wonderful blog that you are so dedicated to. Have a very Happy Thanksgiving. I am grateful for artists and teachers like you who share with such open hearts.

  • Georgie Galante Says:

    Thanks Hadar! You are so prolific! Happy Holiday.

  • Margaret Lakas Says:

    Thank you. This is a perfect project for faceted quartz teardrops. Your daughter has a very elegant, elongated neck. She must be very beautiful. I’m sure you are a very loving mother. You give so much of yourself to people you don’t even know. Happy Thanksgiving.

  • Margaret Lakas Says:

    My thought trailed off. I’ve had the quartz teardrops for the past year and could’t decide on how to use them.

  • Julie Cannarito Says:

    As always, thanks for sharing and inspiring! I must say that you have been one of the single greatest influences over me with both your artistry as well as your “sense of adventure” in your product line which is constantly expanding and improving. I love it all and am in awe of how you keep us informed of the advancements as well as instruction through your Blog and books. With appreciation and admiration, Julie Cannariato- ArtZcat Creations

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