Updates to the Accreditation Program and an Upcoming Workshop

Book Submissions

First, a reminder: The deadline for submissions for my upcoming book, Architectural Jewelry in Metal Clay, is August 15, 2014. I am doing my best to publish this book before the end of the year.

Upcoming Workshop

On October 17-19 I will be teaching my last architectural workshop for this year at Studio 34 Creative Arts Learning Center, Rochester, NY. Here is the class information. This workshop is recommended especially for people who wish to take the Accreditation Program for Hadar’s Clay Teachers, which has gone through some transformations, as discussed below.

Changes to the Accreditation Program

From now on, new students enrolling in the Accreditation Program for Hadar’s Clay Teachers will take the program on an individual basis, not in a group setting. This means that you can sign up for the program at any time, and finish the program as quickly or as slowly as you like, depending on your life circumstances. Please read the document entitled Individual Accreditation Program, which explains how the program works. (The document can also be downloaded directly from the right-hand panel of this blog.)

You can sign up for the program on the Classes page on my online store. However, please don’t sign up before emailing me first at hadarjacobson@gmail.com to tell me about your experience in metal clay. Please bear in mind that this program is for teachers only; if you are interested in classes in general and have no access to an accredited teacher in your area, the Individual Tutoring Class is a better option.

2 Responses to “Updates to the Accreditation Program and an Upcoming Workshop”

  • Barbara Brown Says:

    I started working with metal clay about 10 years ago and had a lot of fun with it. I was in a couple of galleries here in the Bay area, including Lireille Gallery on Piedmont Ave. and a gallery in Prescott AZ. My life as a winemaker took over and I have not done anything in several years.

    I love your work. Truly inspirational. At this point I need a jumpstart to get me up and running again. Right now I feel like so much has happened in the metal clay world I hardly know where to start.

    I live in Alameda – so real close by – and would love to attend some classes this fall to get me up and going again.


  • Hadar Jacobson Says:

    Barbara, Looking forward to meeting you.

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